Rupert Haigh -

English for lawyers

I specialise in the provision of document-editing services for legal professionals.

Legal editing services

I have worked as a freelance legal editor since 2002, and have particular expertise in relation to European Union and public international law. In the course of my work I have edited, among other things, various monographs and textbooks published by leading publishers, numerous legal articles, doctoral theses, legal reports and bids.

My clients include universities, commercial companies, governmental bodies and law firms. Since 2011 I have provided legal editing services on a freelance basis to the Legislation Division of the European Central Bank.

Elements of the service

The service I offer comprises the following elements:

  • Checking and correction of internal and external references and footnotes.
  • Proof-reading: correction of errors of grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • Ensuring conformity with house style where applicable. British English standards are applied by default.
  • Stylistic improvements: while respecting your natural style of writing, I will suggest changes where the language used suffers from damaging stylistic defects (e.g. repetition, ambiguity, unnecessary obscurity, verbosity).
  • Content suggestions: if any argument or statement contained in the text appears doubtful (e.g. it is contradictory, circular, legally unsupported or of unclear relevance) I will point this out and suggest a solution.

My qualifications in brief

My qualifications for offering this service are as follows:

  • English native speaker
  • Degree in English from Cambridge University
  • Qualified and experienced English solicitor
  • LL.M. in Public International Law from Helsinki University
  • Diploma in European Union Law from King’s College London
  • 15 years’ experience in providing legal editing services. Author of leading textbooks on legal English: Legal English (Routledge, 4th edition 2015), Oxford Handbook of Legal Correspondence (Oxford University Press, 2006).

References and a detailed CV are available on request.

Rates & procedure

My basic rate is €0.03 per word. This is subject to uplift where extremely urgent or unusually difficult work is involved, and may be reduced where extremely large assignments are involved.

All textual corrections are made using the markup facility in Microsoft Word.  

Please send your document to me at for a quotation. Strict confidentiality is guaranteed.